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Acordor Fender Yngwie Malmsteen Clip-On
The Fender Yngwie Malmsteen Clip-On Tuner is easy to operate even on the darkest stages. Stylish chrome bezel with built-in vibration sensor provides accurate tuning in even noisy areas, and the large display features an easy-to-read LCD needle that indicates correct pitch. Weighs a mere 50 grams, with a tuning range of A0-C8 and an A4 range of 430Hz-450Hz.

Tuner D'Addario PW-CT-17BK Eclipse
Affordable no longer means compromise. Introducing the D’Addario Eclipse Tuner—the modestly-priced tuner with unparalleled performance.
49,50 LEI

Tuner Ortega GECCOTUNE Chromatic Clip
Ortega GECCOTUNE este un tuner chomatic clip-on potrivit atat pentru instrumente cu corzi, cat si pentru instrumete de suflat.
49,50 LEI

Tuner Dunlop DT-C1 Chromatic

Acordor cromatic pentru chitara, bass, vioara si ukulele, cu display in doua culori si frecventa de referinta reglabila intre 430 si 450Hz.


Tuner Fender Original
Acordor Fender tip clip on, pentru chitara, bass, ukulele, vioara, banjo sau alte instrumente cu corzi. Frecventa La de referinta poate fi reglabila intre 430Hz si 450Hz.
67,50 LEI

Tuner D'Addario PW-CT-12 Micro Headstock
Take a look at all the members of the NS Micro Family! While the features grew, the size of the NS Mini just got smaller…introducing the NS Micro Headstock Tuner.

Tuner Dunlop DT-C2 Deluxe Chromatic

Acordor cromatic pentru instrumente cu corzi cu un display in 4 culori, frecventa de referinta reglabila intre 430 si 490Hz, metronom vizual si mod dual: clip on/ microfon.

Tuner D'Addario PW-CT-13 Micro Universal
Take a look at all the members of the NS Micro Family! The NS Micro Universal Tuner is the feature packed tuner designed to be seen at any angle.
80,10 LEI

Tuner D'Addario PW-CT-15 Soundhole
Designed specifically for acoustic guitar, ukulele, and other acoustic instruments, the chromatic NS Micro Soundhole Tuner remains perfectly concealed within the instrument’s soundhole for discreet tuning.
80,10 LEI

Tuner Fender Bullet
Acordor Fender tip clema, ultra-compact.
85,50 LEI

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