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Amplificator chitara DV Mark Litle 40 II Head
The Little 40 II amp is the natural evolution of our popular Little 40, created to meet the needs of all guitar players.
On the Little 40 II we added an onboard pedal circuit (on channel two), featuring more controls than a simple pedal,

Amplificator chitara DV Mark DV AC 101 Combo
The DV AC101 (updated version of the Markacoustic AC101) is a compact, powerful combo designed for all acoustic instruments including acoustic guitar, classical guitar, archtop guitar, acoustic bass, mandolin, violin, cello, banjo, etc.  

Amplificator chitara DV Mark Greg Howe Maragold Head
The MARAGOLD sounds were created to suit the tastes and needs of our top-artist Greg Howe, an amazing two channel 40W all-tube head

Boxa DV Mark DV Neoclassic 412 Cabinet
The DV NEOCLASSIC 412 4x12” closed-back speaker cab provides a great classic, deep punchy sound , and makes for a very responsive rig when matched with any DV Mark head, Multiamp, and any other head or stereo amps you may use.

Amplificator chitara DV Mark DVC GEN 15 Combo
Matching all features of the 15W class A all-tube DV GEN 15 head with a single 12” DV Neoclassic speaker, the DVC GEN 15 combo is a perfect choice for gigging guitarists, with best portability and zero compromise on volume or tone.

Amplificator chitara DV Mark Triple Six 40 Head
The Triple Six 40 is the little brother of the 120W version. It features two EL 34 tubes that give 40W of power, and it's the perfect answer for anyone who likes our Triple Six III but needs less power.

Amplificator chitara DV Mark DV 40 112 Combo
For those who prefer a combo to a head and cabinet, the DV 40 112 combo is the perfect choice.  It features the same specs as the Little 40 II in a rugged top-quality cabinet, with one DV Mark Neoclassic 12" custom-designed speaker.

Amplificator chitara DV Mark Multiamp Mono Head
 The MULTIAMP MONO takes up two standard 19" rack units, and weighs only 9.48 lbs / 4.3 kg. Its rack ears are removable so it's perfectly portable and the MULTIAMP BAG (optional) allows you to transport your MULTIAMP in a knapsack and then keep the amp in the bag during use!   

Amplificator chitara DV Mark DV 40 212 Combo
The DV 40 212 is a two-channel, 40W all-tube 2x12” combo, equipped with EL34 power tubes! Channel 1 gives a great clean sound, Channel two includes a convenient onboard overdrive pedal circuit

Amplificator chitara DV Mark Triple Six III Head
Like the previous version, the Triple Six III offers three completely independent channels with a a very powerful clean sound on Channel 1, great crunch sound on Channel 2 (new settings), a very high-gain distorted lead tone on Channel 3... and 120 watts

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