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BECOS Micro Booster Onboard Preamp for Electric Guitar & Bass

Cod produs: 632181199961

Pret (TVA inclus):
266,00 LEI
In stoc
Comanda telefonic
021 310.31.10

If you ever felt the need to change guitar pickups with hotter ones without losing their character, or if you ever wanted to have a pushed amp in a solo instance with a simple gesture, this booster comes in handy, literally.

Configuration Options

The Micro Booster Preamp can be ordered with the following options:

  • Push-Push switch potentiometer 500K A (logarithmic) - usually used for tone in Gibson guitars (humbuckers); - IN STOC
  • Push-Push switch potentiometer 500K B (linear) - usually used for volume; - IN STOC
  • Push-Push switch potentiometer 250K A (logarithmic) - usually used for tone in Fender guitars (single coils);
  • Push-Push switch potentiometer 250K B (linear) - usually used for volume;
  • DPDT Switch - the booster circuit can be supplied without the switch-pot, but with a high quality DPDT switch, which can be soldered on the board itself or it can be wired in a different place on the guitar.

BECOS Micro Booster Preamp gets it's name from it's tiny footprint as well as it's electronic design - a FET implementation derived from original vacuum tube audio amplifier circuits. FET's have always been used in high fidelity amplifiers for their warmth, usually associated with tubes. The same goes here: the sound of the Micro Booster Preamp is very much like a tube preamp! Intensely tested with some of the most fabled guitars from makers such Gibson, Fender, Music Man, Ibanez, all fitted with an assortment of humbuckers & single coil pickups, the circuit was carefully calibrated for best sounding clean boost and treble boost. Used along with a tube amp, you can obtain pushed sounds directly from your guitar.

Key Features

  • push-push switch-pot; 
  • true by-pass;
  • low noise audiophile discrete all analog FET circuit;
  • included potentiometer replaces volume or tone control, which remains passive as before;
  • +20dB clean, warm, flat boost;
  • DIP-Switch for additional programmable +8dB flat boost OR +12dB treble boost (for frequencies over 1KHz);
  • output volume trimmer with knob;
  • 2 solder points only: input & ground;
  • high input impedance;
  • long battery life - included 9V alkaline battery;
  • 2 Years Direct Manufacturer Warranty;
  • Made in Romania/EU;


  • Product Category: Electronics
  • Product Type: Guitar Audio Pre-AMP
  • Input impedance: >1MΩ
  • Output Impedance: ~10KΩ
  • Optimum Battery Voltage: 9VDC ±10%
  • Recommended Battery: Alkaline
  • Power Consumption: 1mAh in use; 0.1mAh without input signal
  • Product Size: Length: 32.5mm, Depth: 25mm, Height: 25mm
  • Product Weight: 30 gr.
  • Packed Weight: 135 gr.
  • Lead Free
  • RoHS Compliance


Flat Boost

With all DIP-Switches off, the Micro Booster is configured for a clean flat boost of +20dB in signal gain. That is pretty much enough to wake up almost any pickup, even those considered having a low output. The boost is even in all audio spectrum starting from as low as 10Hz, which makes it suitable for bass usage as well. Nothing is pushed too far, and when engaged, you would think that a modestly gained clean channel of an amp just got louder. The magic comes from the way it is used: if you play a rhythm part of a blues with your amp set just on the edge of break-up, engaging the Micro Boost with an easy gesture instantly puts you in the spotlight. Do the same thing on a dirty channel and you will get a crunchy tone with plenty of warm harmonics and lot of sustain. The higher the gain set on an amp, the more saturated distortion you get, with increased sustain. Here, booster's effect is less obvious in volume increase, yet more obvious in creamy saturation overdrive, due to amp's natural compression.

More Boost

Setting DIP-Switch 1 to on, the flat boost increases to +28dB for all audio frequencies. If your pickups exhibit low output, you will still get a clean boost, but you can now push the amp even further. This setting is so well fitted for single coils and especially Telecasters. The booster is very dynamic and if you get aggressive with your playing, tube-like clipping may occur - you're now stepping into the overdrive realm - with smooth recovery. This clipping will become more obvious as battery drains and it's voltage drops (and you might find this desirable as well). Or, if you have hotter pickups.

Treble Boost. And More.

If you really want your lead sound to scream, or if your pickups are a bit on the dark side, set the DIP-Switch 2 to on. This will engage a progressive treble boost of +12dB for frequencies above 1KHz, in top of the default flat boost of +20dB (the gain sums up). Tube-like clipping will most likely occur with this setting, especially if you hit the strings harder or if you have high output pickups. For a smooth dosage of the boost you could also use the guitar volume on the fly, to tame the signal level a little bit. Yet, if you are on a high gain channel, you may have just hit the solo sound you've been long searching for, and that is without the usual green (overdrive) pedal in between guitar and amp. This setting alone is very useful for humbuckers, because they sometimes lack the highs needed in front of the amp. But if it is single coils that you have, with plenty of highs but lesser lows, you might need to get back to switching off DIP-Switch 1 & 2 for the default settings. Sometimes, adding a guitar tone correction will also unveil great sounds, so don't be afraid to use it. Still, if the gain boost is not enough, feel free to switch both DIP-Switches on, for a hotter treble boost.

Output Volume

Output volume sets the amount of signal level from your boosted guitar. It starts from signal-to-ground (silence), goes through unity gain (where you will appreciate the transparency and warmth of this booster) and up to the maximum gain available. You will usually go with the volume around the middle. If treble boost is engaged or flat boost is set for maximum gain, you may need to lower de output volume.

All settings must be experienced first, and for each booster setting you may need to adjust booster's volume level, as well as amp channel's settings, because they all interact with each other. Once set for your playing style, you are ready to go.

Either switched on momentarily for a solo on a clean/pushed channel, or permanently in front of a high gain metal-ready-to-burn channel, the booster acts like a hotter version of your pickups, retaining all their character yet revealing harmonics unheard before.

And remember, the booster is true by-pass, so, when not used, the guitar's sound is unaltered.

Installation & Settings

The booster comes latest in the guitar signal path, after the pickups, volume & tone controls and pickup switch and is powered as soon as the instrument cable is inserted into the supplied stereo output jack. It stays powered as long as the cable is connected. The electronic circuit board of the booster is soldered on a Push-Push switch-pot, and the switch acts as follows: push once - the signal is routed through the booster (the knob will go a little higher, so you will notice the booster is engaged); push again - the signal is in TRUE BYPASS now and is wire-routed straight to the output jack.

The potentiometer side of the switch-pot is NOT part of booster's circuit, and is meant to replace volume or tone potentiometer in your instrument for the convenience of having a switch and a potentiometer into one single physical device. So the potentiometer has to be rewired just as it used to be - passive. If it is the tone control that is put in place of, the tone capacitor has to be moved to the new pot as well. If it is the volume control that is to be replaced, you just have to rewire the new pot as it used to be.

Afterwards, there are only two solder points to be made, one for input wire and one for the ground wire. The input wire (usually called Hot Wire) comes from the pickup switching and along with the ground wire they must be connected to the marked points on the circuit board.

The mono output jack in the guitar will be replaced with an already wired, high quality stereo jack which powers the booster's circuit as long as the guitar cable is inserted. The instrument's cable plug has to be mono TRS plug.

The volume of the booster sets the output level and the DIP-Switch sets the gain & frequency boost. The DIP-Switch works as follows:

DIP- Switch Setting* Sound
1 Off 20dB gain: clean, flat boost
On 28dB gain: flat boost, tube-like clipping may occur, depending on input level and battery voltage
2 Off no treble boost
On +12dB treble boost for frequencies above 1KHz, with tube-like clipping depending on input level and battery voltage
* Switch up = Off; Switch down = On

The volume trimmer sets the desired output level of the booster. You may want to start from zero (signal-to-ground), go through unity gain and raise it as needed. The trimmer's knob has a long shaft which is reversible and it helps, for instance, if you want to raise or lower it's length. For example, you could make a small hole on the pick guard just near the regular tone/volume knob and take the trimmer's knob out. Or, you could drill a 6mm hole on the back-side plastic cover and take the knob through, to have it handy and modify output level with a small screwdriver or with your hand.

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