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Meinl Djembe Shoulder Stram MDJS-2

Ham pentru djembe sau alte tobe traditionale. Atentie! Imaginea este cu titlu ilustrativ. Produsul nu contine instrumentul de percutie.


Mini Djembe Meinl HDJ-7XXS Gecko Design
The African Style Mini Djembes are carved from one solid piece of plantation grown Mahogany. They feauture a decorative exquisite dot-painted exterior, all done by hand. The size makes them great for enjoying playing at home or joining in with a drum circle. These high quality djembes are fitted with hand selected goat heads and nylon tuning ropes to provide outstanding sound.

Mini Djembe Meinl NINO-EMDJ-BB Elements 6"
Djembe-ul mini Meinl NINO-EMDJ-BB din seria Elements este perfect pentru micii percutionisti. Poate fi utilizat atat in interior cat si in aer liber, datorita constructiei intregrale din materiale sintetice. Disponibil intr-o gama variata de culori!

Meinl Djembe Strap MDJS-1

Professional Djembe Strap

165,00 LEI

Djembe Meinl Junior JRD-R 7" RED

Mini-djembe portabil care insa nu face rabat de la calitatea sunetului. Perfect pentru orice nivel de indemanare.


Djembe African Style Nyle Headliner HDJ-4S
Features: Carved from one solid piece of plantation grown Mahogany Wood Hand selected goat heads Pre-stretched PP nylon ropes Hand carved shells Rope: PP Rope, 4mm thick, 18 Runners Size: M=8" Height: 15 3/4" Material: Mahogany Wood

Djembe Meinl HDJ5-S Python Design
These shells are finished with a touch of artistry by way of a vibrant dot painted design, all done by hand. The Python Series djembes are carved from one solid piece of plantation grown Mahogany Wood and feature the Mali Weave tuning system that secures and tunes the goat skin head.

Djembe Meinl HDJ-2M
Meinl HDJ2-M Congo Series 10" Djembe - rope tuned, hand selected goat heads, ornamental carving, pre-stretched PP nylon thomann robes, hand carved shell, carved from one solid piece of plantation grown mahogany, features the traditional Malian weave tuning system, 10" diameter, 20" height. Colour: Black with Tribal Painting

Stativ Djembe Steely II Chrome ST-DJEMBE
The Steely II Djembe stand (patented) features all of the same designs as the Steely II Conga stands (patented). It can be adjusted to accommodate various djembe sizes using three spacers and is fully height adjustable. It is perfect for drum circles

Meinl DJEMBE PADJ1-M-F Pharaos Script
The new MEINL Travel Series Rope Tuned Djembes are great drums for professionals as well as those who just want to enjoy an afternoon playing at home or with a drum circle.

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