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Doza chitara Fender Lace Sensor Silver
Silver is like an overwound Strat pickup with added midrange harmonics and bass.

Doze chitara Fender Tex Mex Stratocaster (set 3 buc)
Like a fiery bowl of Texas picante! These overwound vintage style Strat pickups offer increased output, sparkling highs and a very nice warm tone while retaining your favorite vintage Strat characteristics. Constructed with Alnico 5 magnets and polys

Doze chitara Fender Original Vintage Telecaster (set 2 buc)
Original Vintage Fender Tele® pickups provide extremely accurate 1950s Tele twang, with the classic warmth and edge that players have prized in the Telecaster for more than 60 years.

Doze chitara Fender American Vintage 65 Strat (set 3 buc)
No other pickups give you the powerful, clean and clear surf rock tones of mid-'60s Stratocaster guitars like dutifully constructed, meaty-sounding Pure Vintage '65 Strat pickups.

Doze chitara Fender Telecaster Custom Shop Texas Special

Here's something for you die hard Telecaster players. These overwound Tele pickups are constructed with Alnico 5 magnets and enamel coated magnet wire. The bridge pickup features height staggered magnets and a copper plated steel bottom plate for inc

Doze chitara Fender Vintage Noiseless Stratocaster (set 3 buc)

Single coil tone without the hum! Vintage Noiseless Strat® pickups produce the brilliant clarity, definition, and harmonic attributes of a vintage Strat in a noiseless package. These pickups feature special beveled edge Alnico 2 magnets and enamel-c

Doza chitara electrica Fender Super 55 Split Coils Stratocaster
Fender® Super 55 Split-Coil pickups deliver a state-of-the-art Noiseless™ humbucking sound in an iconic single-coil Fender configuration that will supercharge the sound of your Stratocaster®.

Doze chitara Fender N3 Noiseless Stratocaster  (set 3 buc)
Thanks to their special core design, Fender N3 Noiseless Strat pickups deliver the best of modern tonal engineering while maintaining unmistakable Fender sound.

Doze chitara Fender Vintage Noiseless Telecaster (set 2 buc)
Sounding like a 60's Tele without the 60-cycle buzz, that's the Vintage "Noiseless" Tele pickup. Made with the same technology as the "Noiseless" Strat, but voiced for that traditional Tele tone. Special Alnico 5 magnets and enamel coated magnet wire

Doze chitara Fender Hot Noiseless Stratocaster  (set 3 buc)
This Noiseless pickup set was designed exclusively for Jeff Beck. Jeff wanted a bigger sound and better tonal dynamics than a standard single coil pickup could deliver, and he got exactly what he was after in the new hotter Noiseless design. Warm and

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