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Bete timbale Meinl SB118 3/8"
Set bete Meinl SB118 pentru timbale, cu diametrul de 3/8 inch. Potrivite si pentru alte instrumente de percutie: cowbell, wood block, cinele.
30,00 LEI

Meinl Surdine MDH Drum Honey
MEINL Drum Honey instantly transforms your drum sounds into a warm and sweet one with practically no effort. They can be removed from any surface as needed.
35,00 LEI

Meinl PCRC1BK Cajon Ring Castanet Add-on
Meinl PCRC1BK este un add-on conceput sa recreeze sunetul clasic de castaniete in combinatie cu orice instrument de percutie: cajon, bongos, djembe, congas etc.
35,00 LEI

Meinl BACON Cymbal Sizzler

Aseaza pur si simplu lantul pe cinel si fa-l sa sfaraie! Pofta buna la groove!


38,00 LEI

Shaker Meinl Motion MS-BK

The Motion Shaker from MEINL is a hands-free instrument that lets you effortlessly add the dimension and texture of a shaker while you play other instruments. It is lightweight and ergonomically designed for a secure, comfortable fit on the fingers.

39,00 LEI

Meinl Quick Set Markers MQSM
The MEINL QUICK-SET MARKERS allow you to get your drums set up fast and in the perfect position every time. There are 60 hook & loop stripes for marking the hardware and 10 circles for marking the drums on your drum rug.
40,00 LEI

Claves Meinl Redwood CL1RW
The MEINL Classic Wood Claves are the most common claves and produce the classic cutting sound. Both the clave and the striker have the same size. Features: Solid body Material: Redwood
40,00 LEI

Shaker Meinl StudioMix SH12-M
The StudioMix Shakers have a crisp full sound and come in two sizes. The textured surface both enhances the timbre and enables a positive grip. Lightweight plastic body is virtually unbreakable. Features: Textured surface for special s

Meinl SB502 Stick Wrap
Banda adeziva pentru infasurat betele de toba. Pachet de 4 bucati.
42,00 LEI

Castaniete Meinl Wood Medium WC1-M
Meinl lightweight Castanets come in three sizes, and with self-adhesive tape. Stick them anywhere to add new colors to your cajon or any other instrument! Features: Spring-opened Self-adhesive tape goes on any surface Material: Rubber Wood (He
44,00 LEI

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