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Pana chitara Dunlop Nylon Glow
Pana pentru chitara Dunlop Nylon Glow straluceste in intuneric, fiind ideala pentru scena. Dimensiuni: .53 mm, .67 mm, .80 mm, .94 mm, 1.07 mm, 1.14 mm.

Pana chitara Dunlop Jazztone
Accuracy and tone are two key elements we took into consideration when designing our JD Jazztones. Developed specifically for the jazz guitarist, JD Jazztones feature a super gripping surface, are non-flexible, great for speed, and have a precision contoured edge to ensure a smooth release.

Pana chitara Dunlop Nylon Big Stubby
Pana chitara Dunlop Big Stubby din nylon. Grosimi variate: 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 mm.

Pene Dunlop Jim Root Nylon
Jim Root's new pick is made of flexible, warm-sounding nylon and combines the size and shoulder profile of the standard pick shape with the Jazz III-inspired tip for superior speed and precision. Available in 1.38mm.

Pene Dunlop Kirk Hammett Jazz Purple Sparkle
When Kirk Hammett first got his hands on a Jazz III pick, he never looked back-its superior speed, precision, and control changed his whole playing experience.

Pene Dunlop Meshuggah
As part of Meshuggah, lead guitarist Fredrik Thordendal helped launch a whole new music genre, expanding the electric guitar's potential for the modern era.

Pana chitara Dunlop Flow Grip Standard
Pana chitara Flow Grip Standard din Ultex cu textura anti-alunecare optim dispusa numai in zona centrala. Disponibila in grosimi de 0.73 mm, 0.88 mm, 1 mm, 1.5 mm si 2 mm.

Pana chitara Dunlop Matt Heafy Max Grip Jazz III
Pana pentru chitara Dunlop semnatura Matt Heafy. Model Max Grip Jazz III.

Pana chitara Dunlop Black Fang
The Dunlop Black Fang Pick - is a collection of special picks.Riff master James Hetfield's venomous style has inspired many. Preferring picks with a bright tone and biting attack, Hetfield looked to Dunlop for the perfect tool for his fierce dow

Pene Dunlop Shell Fingerpicks
Plastic fingerpicks can be used on almost any stringed instrument, giving the player a warm tonal response and increased control.

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