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Intretinere chitara Dunlop Polish Cloth
Dunlop Polish Cloth 5400 100% soft lint-free cotton flannel Nontreated material Perfect for applying lemon oil, polish, and string cleaner

Dunlop  Bridge pin Puller
Bridge Pin Puller Bottle Opener - opens your beer bottles and pulls your bridge pins.


15,00 LEI

Intretinere chitara Dunlop Miracle Cloth
Miracle Cloth Great for polishing and cleaning brass and woodwind instruments For use on metals, woods, enamel, ceramic and more

Intretinere chitara Dunlop Micro Fine 65 Fret Polishing Cloth
Micro Fine 65 Fret Polishing Cloth 5410 Micro Fine Fret Polishing Cloth will polish your frets to remove tarnish Gently restores the luster to your frets Two cloths included in each bag
19,00 LEI

Ulei lamaie pentru chitara Dunlop 6551Ultimate Lemon Oil
Introducing Fretboard 65 Ultimate Lemon Oil—the latest addition to Dunlop’s world-famous line of guitar care products and the logical evolution of the 01 Fingerboard Cleaner and 02 Fingerboard Deep Conditioner. Fretboard 65 is specially formulate
20,00 LEI

Conditionator corzi chitara Dunlop  6582 Ultraglide String Conditioner
Shields strings against tarnish and corrosion, extending their playing life. Delivers a silky smooth conditioning to string surfaces, eliminating finger squeaks. 2 oz. Applicator top
23,00 LEI

Polish chitara Dunlop 651 J Formula 65
Jim Dunlop 651JGuitar polish Cleans totally and quickly. Restores any finish to its original luster. Leaves a micro-thin, resistant protective layer and won’t build up. Perfect for daily use. 1 oz. pump spray.
24,00 LEI

Intretinere chitara Dunlop Fingerboard 01 Cleaner & Prep
Fingerboard 01 Cleaner & Prep 6524 Perfectly balanced for fingerboard woods and fret metals Removes buildup from crevices to restore tone, clarity and original intonation Step one in fingerboard maintenance
24,00 LEI

Intretinere chitara Ortega OLEM Lemon Oil 60ml
Ulei de lamaie ideal pentru indepartatea impuritatilor si a depunerilor de pe tastiera.
25,00 LEI

Fender Custom Shop Guitar Cleaner
Fender Guitar Cleaner is an easy-to-use formula with a special blend of ultra-fine polishing agents that restore instruments to their original luster. Safely removes haze, oxidation, wax, fingerprints, smudges and grime.
28,00 LEI

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