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Set tobe DDrum Defiant 7 Pieces Sparkle Black
For pure pounding tone and sleek styles DDrum tailor made something truly defiant. There's no easy way to describe it except: it's METAL. The DDrum Defiant 7-piece drum kit is just that, a kit that goes against the grain for a truly unique package ta

Set tobe Gretsch Catalina Maple 2014 CM-1 E825 SDCB
10” x 7” TT; 12” x 8” TT; 16” x 16” FT; 22” x 18” BD; 14” x 6.5” SD; Satin Deep Cherry Burst

Set tobe DDrum Dominion Ash Player 5 pcs. Redburst
Ash is notorious for being one of the most musical woods. Its deeply resonant and darker qualities make it more preferred than Maple for guitar bodies, while its vibrant grain has the stunning visual qualities of Oak. DDrum's new Dominion Ash kits ca

Set tobe electronice Roland TD-11K V-drums

Enhanced with SuperNATURAL technology, the TD-11 V-Drums V-Compact Series brings a more natural and realistic playing experience to drummers of any skill level and budget. Affordable and easy to use, these new electronic kits are perfect for a variety of applications, including practice, teaching, recording, live performance, and more.

Set tobe Gretsh Renown Maple 4pc w/22" BD Burgundy Satin
Modelled on our flagship USA Custom range, Renown Maple offers a look and sound that is distinctly Gretsch.
This is a four piece shell pack and finished in Burgundy Satin with vintage glass bass drum hoops.

Set tobe electronice Roland TD-11KV V-drums
To meet the high demand for enhanced playability and performance in the entry-level range, we’ve upgraded the V-Compact series with a SuperNATURAL-enhanced TD-11 sound engine. In addition to the incredibly expressive and natural sounds onboard, the newly installed backing songs and USB function provide an effective tool kit for live performers as well as students.

Set tobe electronice Roland TD-25K V-drums
Orice toboșar poate descoperi lumea tobelor V-Drums cu TD-25K, conceput pentru a fi folosit acasă sau la studio. Fiind echipat cu un motor de sunet bazat pe TD-30, TD-25K oferă expresivitatea unităților V-Drums, caracteristică datorită căreia aceste instrumente au devenit celebre, renumite și alegerea toboșarilor profesioniști din întreaga lume.

Set tobe electronice Roland TD-25KV V-Drums
With the TD-25KV, serious drummers can tap into high-end V-Drums playability in a mid-level kit for home and studio. Equipped with a sound engine derived from the flagship TD-30, the TD-25KV delivers all the acclaimed expressiveness that makes Roland’s top-line V-Drums the undisputed choice of pro players everywhere

Set tobe electronice Roland TD-30K V-Drums Pro
For over a decade, Roland's revolutionary V-Drums have lead the industry in expressive sound quality and incredible playability. With the introduction of the SuperNATURAL-powered TD-30K V-Pro Series, the electronic drum set reaches a new pinnacle in drumming performance.

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